Branding beer with a foamy lip

I am not a beer drinker. Yet I was confronted a number of times with a beer commercial in YouTube. I guess Google does not know everything about me.

The commercial is for Brand beer, a Dutch product dating back to 1275 (and a Heineken label since 1989). Brand – what’s in a brand name? (in Dutch it means “fire” but that is not what is meant in this case).

On YouTube I saw the short version, where this guys is looking forward to his first sip, gulps it down (in slow motion, of course, the longer it lasts, the better it tastes). Then sighs with satisfaction, foam on his lip.

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-14 om 18.53.52

I don’t like this guy. He is scruffy in all respects, and looks like a sorry loser. He drinks like an uneducated child. Maybe he enjoys that first sip, I don’t enjoy his. Frankly, I find it repulsive. And that sticks to the drink. And to the Brand brand (couldn’t resist).

The longer version is more pleasing. I like the concept of him waiting for his beer to chill, patiently. But the end is, of course, the foamed lip on that scruffy face.

Brand: you have not converted me. Google: I don’t drink beer, so please stop trying to persuade me!

3 thoughts on “Branding beer with a foamy lip

  1. Interesting view. I didn’t see it like that. It does look like an average -but scruffy- man. Quite te opposite of the sophisticated Heineken man of the world indeed. Is Heineken trying to say that Brand is less premium than Heineken?


    1. Most regular beers (as both Heineken and Brand are, as well as their other brand, Amstel) hardly have any distinguishing value. Brand can claim to be the oldest brand in the Netherlands (and maybe one of the oldest in the world), but who is waiting for “old beer”. They probably want to stress the “first taste” and have chosen a regular person rather than a model. I don’t think that this is Heineken’s differentiating branding strategy, rather Brand’s communication.


  2. Alas – and thank goodness at the same time – it’s all about taste. I’m not much of a beer drinker and I certainly don’t like the Brand brand 😉 but I think the commercial is great (both long and short version).

    I also like the man in the picture (Kees Boot), and to me, he resembles ‘the bloke next door’. As far I am concerned, he made a fantastic portrait of ‘the first sip’ in this Brand commercial.
    As opposed to his role as ‘manager John’ in the Cup-a-Soup commercial earlier in his carreer, who acted like a pig – but hey, that also was merely a role.


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