Google Plus-minus: failing successes or successful failures?

Google-Plus-or-MinusIf you do not like Microsoft, you take a Mac. If you do not want to use IE, you chose for Netscape. If you don’t appreciate Google, you use Bing or may Halalgoogling. But if you do not wish to support Mark Zuckerberg, whom should you choose?

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Nous sommes Charlie

The word, the pen,

the ink, the print

The smile, the nod,

the wink, the link



Liberty, fraternity, equality



The shots, the cries

The shock, the tears

Religion, yet disbelief

Opinion, yet censorship

Satire, yet sadness

Sad, so sad, that desperation leads to religion,

religion leads to fanatics

fanatics lead to chaos

chaos leads to desperation.

We remember who they were

We remember what they did

We remember why they did it

We respect them. We honour them. We miss them.