A wedding party with 28 million guests

durst-scotusOn June 25, 2015 (the same date that saw the end of racial and gender discrimination in earlier decades) the American Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that marriage equality was a constitutional right

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6.8 billion reasons to love gay tourists

In 2021789_madrid-town-hall-flies-lgbt-pride-flag-for-the-first-time_1_large05, members from the Spain’s People’s Party led 100,000 protesters in a march against legalizing gay marriage. In 2015, regional President Cristina Cifuentes flew the rainbow flag, symbolizing support for gay people, from institutional buildings. I see an encouraging trend here. Is it all meant lovingly, or does money play a role (too)? Continue reading

Marketing the Rainbow (2) – LGBT and all that goes with it

Last time I told you about “LGBT“. When I started out my research, I referred to the subject as “gay consumer”. Through my investigation of the US market, I came across the abbreviation LGBT, which was unknown to me before, and was not (widely) used outside the USA. Continue reading