6.8 billion reasons to love gay tourists

In 2021789_madrid-town-hall-flies-lgbt-pride-flag-for-the-first-time_1_large05, members from the Spain’s People’s Party led 100,000 protesters in a march against legalizing gay marriage. In 2015, regional President Cristina Cifuentes flew the rainbow flag, symbolizing support for gay people, from institutional buildings. I see an encouraging trend here. Is it all meant lovingly, or does money play a role (too)? Continue reading


Marketing the Rainbow (3) – Now, about that Rainbow…

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Way up high …

Judy-Garland-Somewhere-over-the-Rainbow-yorkshire_rose-30738887-400-400These lyrics are from the musical The Wizard of Oz (by Yip Harburg, 1939), which became a gay favorite, if only due to Judy Garland playing the lead role of Dorothy. It was the funeral of Judy Garland, in 1969, which lead to the Stonewall riots in New York, the first organized signs of resistance against oppression of gay people, which were the beginning of the gay liberation movement in the USA. A number of lines from the musical still live on in ‘gay language’, such as “We’re not in Kansas anymore” and the enigmatic “Friends of Dorothy”. Continue reading

Marketing the Rainbow (2) – LGBT and all that goes with it

Last time I told you about “LGBT“. When I started out my research, I referred to the subject as “gay consumer”. Through my investigation of the US market, I came across the abbreviation LGBT, which was unknown to me before, and was not (widely) used outside the USA. Continue reading

Marketing the Rainbow (1) – Introduction

I am doing my PhD Research about Gay Marketing, and would like to share some of my findings with you. But first things first.


Marketing. You have probably at one point, somewhere, maybe heard about it. But what is it? What does it do? Should you avoid it or embrace it? Can you do either? Continue reading